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I suppose part of being a writer and an artist is that I tend to daydream at times.  Granted, I know most of my daydreams will, most likely, never come true.  Some could…in time.  There is one that I wish would definitely come true:  I want to spend at least a month in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  And, yes, I know a month wouldn’t be anywhere near long enough.

For years, I’ve read literature set in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  One of my favorite authors is Rosamunde Pilcher.  She was born in Cornwall and lived in Scotland.  She retired from writing in 2000.  I’ve read everything she has written.  I love her description of the village life…the scenery…the characters.  I’ve loved all of her books.  Many of them have been turned into movies.

My husband’s son-in-law was born and grew up in Ireland.  He has since become an American citizen, but still has the wonderful Irish lilt when he speaks.  I hope he never loses it.  He introduced me to the very best TEA in the world.  It’s Lyon’s tea.  He’s always happy when they come to visit and he finds Lyon’s tea in the cupboard.  It’s blended in Ireland where they love tea and drink about five cups a day on the average.  Is it really the best?  I think so.  The only problem is you have to order it from Ireland.  I usually order from Amazon or TeaDog.  I know, it’s more expensive and you have to pay shipping, but it’s so good.  My Irish son by marriage also introduced me to the idea of a wonderful convenience:  the electric tea kettle!  I’ve seen this very same appliance in many pictures of kitchens in some of my favorite English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh blogs!  (I found my tea kettle at a kitchen store in an outlet mall in Portland for about $35.)

9 Responses to Just daydreaming here…

  • Lesley says:

    I live in a little town in Scotland, just north of Edinburgh. If you ever make it over you would be most welcome to come for a visit!

  • Dianne says:

    Oh, thank you, Lesley! I would love that!

  • Angelkyss says:

    I spent 6 month in Scotland ( Dumfries) living my dream. I say go for it Dianne!!

  • Dianne says:

    Six months would be awesome! You must have been able to really see and do a lot of things. What wonderful memories for you!

  • Rowan says:

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed visiting my blog, I’m very flattered to be included among your links:) Although I’ve been to Scotland, Wales and Ireland I haven’t spent anything like as much time in any of them as I’d like to. Ireland especially is a country I’d really love to spend several weeks travelling round. It is so full of beautiful places and wonderful music. I hope you realise your ambition to cross the Atlantic soon, you’ll need more than one trip!

  • Dianne says:

    You’re absolutely right, Rowan…I will definitely need more than one trip! I will definitely return to your blog soon. I loved all the photos!

  • Jennie says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and giving it a mention on your lovely blog too. I see you have mentioned my friend Nanny at Mountains and Muckheaps too (she’s half an hour up the road from me) and also my friend Rowan, who I hope is coming to stay this year and explore a bit of Wales whilst she’s here. I hope you will get to visit the UK in the not-too-distant future – but a month isn’t long enough, believe me!!

  • Dianne says:

    My thanks to YOU, Jennie! I love your blog and will be visiting often. How wonderful that you’re friends with two of my other favorites! And you’re right, a month definitely wouldn’t be long enough.

  • FireLight says:

    This is lovely. I spent New Year’s Day on a pine tree plantation with dear friends in southwest Georgia and wrote a post about it! Thank God for those of you who bring back life from the earth! I am going to try your raisin bars…..and on your most recent post…the painting is rivalled only by the gorgeous frame!




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