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“She sure is trusting to put me on this white front porch rocker! What WAS she thinking?! Hmmm…it’s just really tempting!”

“I can’t believe she got me out of my warm nursery for a flower-pot photo-op! Nevermind, it’s a beatiful Spring afternoon, she really should know better!”

When we returned from Arizona earlier this week, we picked up the twelve little chicks we had ordered at the farm store:  six Rhode Island Reds and six Barred Rock Plymouths.  We had their “nursery” all ready with a deep bed of fresh bedding, a warming light and plenty of fresh water.  This time, they’re in the garage.  We filled up their food container with the special baby chick feed.  They quickly settled in and acted like they were right at home.

I’d forgotten about the sounds of sweet little peeping…


5 Responses to Spring chicks…

  • Shirley Bigham says:

    do you still have your other chickens? and, how do you know these aren’t roosters?

    • Dianne says:

      Aahhh…two very good questions! We still have nine hens who are continue to lay eggs but are slowly dwindling in production. Probably about the time the baby chicks are faithfully laying, the old girls will have stopped laying for the most part. As to roosters, supposedly there is a 20% chance of having a rooster in the batch (which we did last time). Hopefully, there is no rooster this time – we’ll just have to wait and see!

  • Cathy says:

    My husband wants chickens but I will be the one to care for them. Plus we have a good friend who gives us eggs now and them.

  • Laura says:

    I usually have mine in the house – there are predators that can get to them outside. Last year, I got a 300 gal. stock tank (cheap!) and used it for turkeys (they don’t do corners). I’m going to use it for the “replacement” flock, as my girls, while lovely, are not laying as well as they did last year, and completely stopped over the winter, in spite of having a light.

  • Angela says:

    Oh how lovely! I would love to have chickens, My grandma raised them. It would be so nice to have our own eggs and our own little chicken sounds.




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