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The macho logger tree farmer at age 6 on a pony in Iowa…

I think, perhaps, the macho logger tree farmer has always been a “farmer” at heart. 

He majored in geology in college and has spent a lifetime outdoors as a forester. 

He has an impressive working knowledge of earth sciences. 

He’s a happy camper working in his new greenhouse

tending the little seedlings for the two 4′ x 50′ raised beds. 

However, the little boy on the horse pictured above reappeared today when his new toy was delivered:  a 1942 John Deere tractor in superb condition. 

I think he wants to bring it indoors for the night.

The farmer and his new toy: a 1942 John Deere tractor

6 Responses to The farmer and his new toy…

  • Sharon says:

    My Jim came in to look at the tractor and announced that it is the same as one he recalls from his Vermont childhood–a John Deere LA–he says it will pull as much as a good horse!

  • Shirley Bigham says:

    love it. we could use that thinkg around here. So, plow and clear for us dear Jim. the pony Ariana will enjoy. and where all the chickens are going beats me. I miss the rooster.

    • Dianne says:

      I loved the photo of the pony! I bet Ariana would love one just like it! The chickens are all going to lay lots of eggs I hope so they don’t end up in the stew pot! I sure don’t miss that mean ole’ rooster!

  • Brenda says:

    What a sweet picture. I bet he is a proud owner. I wouldn’t give him any ideas about bringing it in the house.




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