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The last time I saw my beautiful granddaughter Maggie was October 15, 2011.  Since then, Maggie and her Mom  and Dad have moved from their beloved Chicago to Dallas, Texas.  They are settling in nicely and Maggie is growing so quickly.  I see photographs, of course, but you can’t cuddle and talk to a photo very well.  I love the occasional i-Pad talks, but I still can’t reach through the screen and hold her!

I’m flying Saturday morning to Dallas for a wonderful ten days.  Her Mom and Dad have asked me what I would like to see or do in Dallas.  Truthfully, the only “sight” I care about in Dallas is Maggie!  I want to hold her and play with her and read to her.  I want to take her for long strolls around their historical neighborhood.  I want to hear her laughter.  I’ve happily volunteered to “babysit” so Mom and Dad can actually have a date night out.  This sweet visit enables me to begin a relationship that will last a lifetime…which means flying as often as possible to see her so she doesn’t forget me in between visits!

Maggie in her stroller… 

5 Responses to Flying to Texas…

  • Sharon says:

    Have a safe journey and take lots of photos of this blessed time with your little grand daughter.

  • Christine says:

    Have a wonderful time, Dianne! I hope you can savor every moment.

  • tanna says:

    Oh, you are soooo going to enjoy time with your sweet Maggie!! I totally get that the only “site” you want to see is her. Be safe in your travels and E.N.J.O.Y!! blessings ~ Tanna

  • Elizabeth says:

    Happy days ahead! You might want to rethink their offer of sightseeing though. There are some wonderful quilt stores, my favorite is in Ft. Worth! Our daughter has been in the hospital for a few days, with an infection of some sort and my heart is so sad. She went home yesterday and I am so relieved! Have a wonderful trip, you will love Texas BBQ!

  • Sharon says:

    Thanks for your nice comment. The right teacher makes all the difference in the world. That last painting class I took was oils and horrible because the teacher was terrible. Research the teachers before you enroll again, but definitely try it again.

    As for grandkids, I get to see mine in Oregon in between visits, thanks for Skype. It’s not hands on, but it’s better than a phone call!




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