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All through the night, the wind howled across this mountainside and the cathedral chimes on the front porch danced wildly in tune.  Snow again this morning.  It is beautiful but I know it won’t last long.  I will enjoy the brief visit.

I’ve spent the last two weeks fighting a cough and trying to regain my mojo.  A prescription of Azithromycin seems to be helping and I’m getting some energy back.

That’s a good thing since we’ll be traveling to San Francisco later this week to celebrate our anniversary.  We will drive a little over an hour to the Pacific Coast and pick up Highway 101 – the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  Not long ago, we drove all the way down to Gold Beach, Oregon, and enjoyed breathtaking scenery along the way…as the PCH wound along, hugging the coast of the beautiful, rocky Pacific.

On the way, we will visit the Redwoods near Brookings, Oregon, and Bodega Bay, California.  Did Bodega Bay sound familiar?  It should.  If you’re an Alfred Hitchcock fan (I am), that’s where “The Birds” was filmed.  I’m looking forward to seeing the schoolhouse and a few other sites there.

Then it’s on to San Francisco.  There we’ll tour Chinatown, ride a trolley car (I’ve always wanted to do that), visit Fisherman’s Wharf where Jim will enjoy Clam Chowder, check out the antiques along the way…and whatever else sounds interesting.

Any suggestions for what to see and do in San Francisco?

4 Responses to Snow dance and anniversary plans…

  • Farmlady says:

    You will be in my old “stomping grounds”. The San Francisco Bay Area has so many wonderful things to see that I don’t even know where to begin. You might look up The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and a visitor site for the City.
    I would recommend a Gray Line Bus tour because you will see a lot more this way and you won’t have to drive around the City, which can be a nightmare to the novice. I lived near this city all my life and I never really saw it until my husband and I took a Bus tour years ago.
    Don’t miss Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. Lots to see and lots of fun.
    If you’re into museums they are lots of them. Google “San Francisco Museums” and see what comes up. Also, one of my favorites. Walk inside of the San Francisco Opera House. It will take your breath away.
    Enjoy the Oregon coast. It’s sooo beautiful.
    Happy Anniversary!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Sorry to hear that your sick, we got your wind this morning! No snow just cloudy so far. I hope you enjoy your trip to the City, I love standing at the top of one of the hills and just looking out at the bay. Eat some good Chinese food for me and be sure to go to the chocolate factory, yum!

  • Karen says:

    Oh, how romantic! I have taken that route, but many years ago. My Aunt and Uncle lived in the Marina district of San Francisco and they took us to so many beautiful places. We went to Golden Gate Park to see the Victorian Arboretum. Beautiful. We took a ferry to Sausalito Island and hiked up a little hill to the top where there was a restaurant overlooking the whole city. We went to the wineries, and even though I didn’t drink wine, they were absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful time.

    P.S. Thankyou for your sweet comments on my blog. I love your blog and am now a follower. xx

  • Christine says:

    I see you and Karen have had the same weather! I hope you have a fabulous trip to California. We often went to San Francisco when I was a child. I remember being taken to a place on the coast north of the city where you could see a lot of sea lions – there was a kind of restaurant up on the bluff. I’ve no idea if it still exists! My all-time favourite thing to do was to take the ferry across the bay to Sausalito. My darling friend Diane (a friend of my mother and such a great supporter of mine!) took me to a needlework shop there when I was 13, and I saw some tatting for the first time. To my amazement, she bought me the book and supplies. “I want to see results within 10 years!” she said. I did teach myself to tat, and did a lot of tatting for years after that.




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