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I’d like to think that Spring is here. There is no rain in the forecast and the sun is shining. It is sixty-five degrees today and beautiful. The herb garden loves the sunshine.  I must harvest the chives and oregano soon. The rosemary, thyme, savory, sage, marjoram and sweet basil are waiting patiently for more sunshine and higher temperatures.  They’re thriving though and look delicious.

There are lemons on the lemon tree actually turning yellow, but we were informed by a grower at the farmers market on Saturday to wait until the lemons are large – actually three times the size they are now! That will take patience. The macho logger tree farmer is busy at work adding an addition on to the greenhouse – a storage building. It will adjoin the wall on the rear of the greenhouse – 10′ x 10′ – and will not affect the sun coming into the greenhouse on the other 3 sides. He loves “building something” and this will definitely give us more storage. It will be vented appropriately.

The goats are in need of care: brushing, worming, hooves trimmed – and a good bath when the weather is warm but that will be a major challenge. For now, they are healthy and growing. Sharon has learned to use her horns to her advantage, although I still think Cindy is the “ring leader” who decides where and when they all move to a different place in the pasture. They all stay together regardless…

The chickens are in their peak production – giving us large, brown eggs by the basketfull! There are only so many dishes that I can prepare that call for eggs, and so we give away a lot! Last week, we accidentally opened a piece of mail belonging to our neighbor that had been inadvertently placed in our rural mailbox. We returned the opened bill with two cartons of 18 eggs. She thanked us, then quipped that we could have just paid the bill! 😉

We haven’t walked down to the canyon recently but I think it is time. I want to see if the wild irises are blooming yet. They are blooming on the farms further down in the valley below. Wild purple irises are such a sight to behold in full bloom and last such a short time. Not a blessing to be missed!

4 Responses to Spring on the farm…

  • Karen says:

    It looks like Spring is in full swing on your beautiful farm! I have green house envy right now, and your gardens are beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your link with me about your experience in Seattle! I enjoyed reading about your generous and giving time spent here!

    I hope you get more sunshine to work in your beautiful gardens! xx

  • Dianne says:

    Thanks, Karen. The greenhouse is definitely my husband’s playhouse and I have to give him total credit for the gardens. He says he would have loved to have owned a landscaping/gardening business years ago. I used to have a large English herb garden (16 x 24) and spent days out there. Not so much anymore. 😉

  • Magan says:

    I’m so envious of your gardens!!! They really look amazing and I would definitely be using all those herbs in EVERYTHING that I cooked. Yum! Maybe soon I can begin my own in the new house!


  • Sharon says:

    Spring flowers are so beautiful and so fleeting. Our much needed rain battered and splattered my peonies.
    I had a very tiny greenhouse years ago–so rewarding. I’ve been promised one will be constructed here, but the building of it seems to be a ways down the list.




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