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It started with a lemon tree in the greenhouse, lots of sunshine…and water of course.  I wish I could say the lemons are as large as they look in the photograph below, but they’re actually only about two and a half inches now…and growing.  We cut one and shared it in our tea this afternoon.  Meyer lemons are so good!

They did inspire me though.  I purchased a couple of large Meyer lemons and made one of our favorites:  Lemon Scottish Scones.  The recipe is here.  Or you could try my recipe for delicious Lemon Pudding Cake here.  Or Lemon Yogurt Loaf here.  Each one is scrumptious – especially enjoyed on the front porch with a cup of hot tea and a windchimes symphony.  Anytime you’re cooking with farm fresh eggs with golden yolks, the results are golden and delicious!

6 Responses to Yummy Meyer lemons…

  • Karen says:

    I love lemons! Your recipes sound so delicious! Thank you for sharing those. It is true that tea with lemon is best enjoyed listening to windchimes. We are having very cool and damp weather, so no windchimes for me this week. But your recipes will be nice in the kitchen, too!

  • Christine says:

    Oh those recipes (and lemons) look absolutely scrummy! My Granny made a to-die-for lemon meringue pie and once in a while I try to do the same, with middling results at best. I still remember the video you put up of your windchimes and I’ve been wanting some beautiful windchimes for my own garden ever since!

    • Dianne says:

      Oh, I would love a lemon meringue pie! Haven’t made that in a long while and it brings back memories of my Mama’s cooking! Speaking of windchimes, I just ordered the 55 inch Corinthian Bells windchime in the key of G. It sounds like an ORGAN and I’ll have to make a new video when it arrives. 😉

  • grace says:

    there’s nothing quite like a burst of lemon to brighten a dreary day (whether it’s weather-wise or related to mood!). yep, i could go for a scone or two right about now. 🙂

  • Scottish Lemon Scones…..? Reading that almost makes me faint with delight 😉




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