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Today has been a cool (low 50’s), overcast day with dark clouds overhead…and a slow, steady rain.  I’ve spent the day in my “studio/workshop/sewingroom” trying to bring some order to the place.  I confess that I’m a very messy artist and seamstress!  After years with very little company, this Summer we’re having a lot of company and that’s exciting.  However, it also means that I wouldn’t want anyone to see this room, so it’s time to organize.  I’ve tossed out and parted with more than the macho logger tree farmer had thought I would…but there’s so much more to do!

I took a break and brewed a cup of maple tea from Victoria, British Columbia.  When we visited The Empress Hotel in Victoria, I purchased this tea at the gift shop there.  It’s delicious with just enough maple flavor…a tea we will definitely enjoy.

For now, the break is over and it’s time to return to restoring order.  The link above is how the “studio” should look if it were clean, although there have been some decorative changes since these photos were made.

4 Responses to Maple tea on a rainy afternoon…

  • Karen says:

    Mmmmm! Maple tea on a rainy day sounds wonderful! We are having the same weather here in WA, too! Your studio/living room is so well organized and bright! I know what you mean about having to sort through things now and again. I love fabric, too and can’t seem to stop myself if I see something I like! One closet is devoted to big clear tubs of fabric! I donate some of my half finished projects to charity when I have the directions to go with them. Or I re-purpose the materials the best I can.

    All of hubby’s relatives live ‘back East’ and so when they would visit, it would be a crowd. I understand how you are feeling. They will love being at your beautiful farm. Everything will be lovely. xx

  • Dianne says:

    Hi, Karen! What a wonderful idea to donate some of these projects – provided the instructions are still with them. 😉

  • tanna says:

    Dianne, your sewing/creative room is just beautiful!! LOVE the view. I wish I had ANY place that would stay neat and organized… seems stuff just has a way of multiplying and cluttering!! My office, case in point. LOL! Hope you will show some new photos when you finish your organizing project! The tea sounds so good for such a cool day… it is 93 here and I’m sipping on a cold Coke Zero! blessings ~ tanna

  • Christine says:

    Cool weather and cups of tea here in Scotland as well, although I’ve never heard of Maple Tea and I bet it is delicious!

    Your studio/sewing room is AMAZING! I am very fortunate to have a study/project room myself. It is full to the gunnels with photographs, piles of books, knitting paraphenalia, fabric, etc. Your photos are making me want to tidy it up even more than I already did!




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