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This was the sweet scene that greeted me one day last week from my front porch.  The doe and her spotted newborn were just inside the fence of the front pasture.   I grabbed my camera and zoomed in as quietly as I could.  Mama deer raised her head with her ears pricked forward, but she stayed where she was.  Perhaps she realized there would be no danger from me.

However, this farm sits in the middle of 58-acres in the Callahan Mountains and is shared with other wildlife:  bears, cougars, foxes and bobcats.  Early on Saturday morning, I was greeted with the bad news.  The buzzards were circling just above the front pasture and something was dead.  My first thought was:  where are my goats?!  I knew they had spent the night in their secure pen but cougars have been known to be out during the day and early morning as well.   I lost three goats last year to cougars and our neighbor just up the hill has lost eight to cougars.  Jim insisted I stay on the front porch while he went to check it out.  It was the fawn.

It was so tiny and helpless.  It could have been a cougar or “natural mortality” to quote the macho logger tree farmer.  Whatever it was, it was sad.

Again this morning, it looks like a birds-of-prey convention in the Douglas Fir just inside the pasture.  Jim says “they have a job to do”, but I still don’t like them.  Granted, these turkey vultures don’t kill…they just clean up.

Perhaps it’s time for me to re-read a superb book by Mary Alice Monroe entitled Skyward…a love story set in the low country of South Carolina near a birds-of-prey sanctuary.    I just cannot feel charitable towards vultures and buzzards.  Maybe reading Skyward again will help.


16 Responses to Goodbye, little fawn…

  • JUDY says:

    Awwww -so sad. You are such a softy, Dianne. I am the same way – I feel for anything with a heartbeat. This past weekend I had to trap my two female feral cats to have them spayed and when that trap closed on them the tears came. I felt so badly to see them trapped and scared. But they will be back home in a few days so I can continue loving them.


  • Elizabeth says:

    Oh too sad, we need some good news – are the goats producting any nice goat soap or goat milk, hows the garden growing, how are the Christmas trees doing or how is the sewing coming along. I think I might bring those goats up to the house at night! Have a great holiday week!!!

    • Dianne says:

      My three sweet goats are BOER goats. They are MEAT goats but these goats will not be eaten – they are my pets! They have a secure night time barn (with chain-link fencing even across the top) which is close to us. They also have a barn in the pasture below. Hope you have a great 4th too!

  • Sunny says:

    I cry when anything dies.

  • Christine says:

    That’s very sad! Nature is cruel and the buzzards have an important job to do, but that doesn’t make it easy for us who are charmed, feel protective, and have to watch helplessly. Nothing wrong with having a tender heart. Have you ever read a book called Wesley, about a barn owl who was injured and raised by a scientist as a kind of a pet? I couldn’t put it down. The bond they developed was extraordinary. Animals know so much more than we humans do in many ways, I think.

  • Magan says:

    That picture is so precious and now, I’m a little sad too. But the circle of life must go on, even if it means a little fawn must die. I think God intended all along for humans to have care and softness in their hearts for animals, as well as, hunt them for food. He put us here to coexsist with them for a reason.

  • Dianne says:

    All true, Magan…

  • Blond Duck says:

    The fawn didn’t get eaten by the cougar, did it?

  • Dianne says:

    I don’t think so. It may have been that the fawn was just too small to make it. Unfortunately, I just wish the carcass could just be moved! This part of farm life is the pits!

  • CMarie says:

    That was pretty sad. It’s the law of the land……..
    Thanks for sharing the picture of the mama and baby…..beautiful pictures…..

    • Dianne says:

      I keep reminding myself about that law of the land and the circle of life stuff…but it’s tough sometimes! 😕 Thanks for the visit and note, CMarie…

  • grace says:

    well now i’m a little bit depressed. 🙁
    on a humorous note, i had a friend from california come visit me, and when she saw a flock of buzzards in one of our fields, she squealed and said ‘look at all the turkeys!’ i laughed and laughed and laughed. 🙂




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