There is a bank of memories for each of us. Sometimes, we have to reach pretty far back to retrieve them…but the memories are still there, layered in years of time.

In this case, I’m remembering an early Spring morning when I made the decision to “drop out” of college as a SENIOR. I had been sick and in the hospital for a brief time. I was working and trying to keep up with my college courses in spite of it. Somehow, at the time, it all seemed too much and the only decision to make. I remember even my college advisor tried to talk me out of it. My rationale was that I would return the following year and finish. As it turned out, it would be several years before I would finish a degree, and then, it would not be in English and Secondary Education, but Nursing. Amazing, the twists and turns our lives take.

After that, I took a full-time secretarial position for the Director of Distributive Education at what was then Memphis State University. He was kind and supportive and reminded me of Wally Cox, “Mr. Peepers”. Bill now had the time to study without having to work so much, and I focused on making life a little simpler for both of us.

Windy day.  Taken in front of our little duplex as I’m going to work at my new job.

Bill finished his courses, but for some reason, wouldn’t actually walk in the graduation ceremony until August. He took a full-time position with an engineering firm in Memphis. After a few months, they sent him to a little town in Arkansas as the resident engineer on a construction site there. We were young and didn’t have children at the time, so we were elected to go. I had enjoyed my brief time as secretary to “Mr. Peepers”, but I was looking forward to this adventure with my husband.

The great thing about accepting this short three-month stint in Arkansas, was that the company paid for everything: the move, our rent in a brand new apartment, our utilities and telephone. We took advantage of this time to purchase new furniture and a new automobile.

We spent weekends in the Ozark Mountains or touring other parts of Arkansas and Missouri or we’d return home to Memphis for the weekend with our families there. It was a good time for us and we enjoyed our brief visit in Arkansas.  The photos below were taken at the Red Apple Inn in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.  We had intended a fishing trip but ended up here for the weekend.  Dinner and dancing and delicious food.  For some reason, I had a nice dress with me but Bill had to rent a jacket from the golf pro!  Fun memories…



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