Welcome to the world, baby boy…

It was August of 1968…and time for two important milestones in our life…Bill’s graduation and the birth of our first child.

It had been fun preparing the nursery. I made soft yellow window curtains in a sweet nursery print, and we bought a maple rocking chair that would be with us for years to come. As I recall, the baby chest we used had been Bill’s as a baby. We had given it new life with a coat of yellow paint…and nursery decals. (Years later, our firstborn would paint that same chest and take it with him to Vanderbilt University!)

On August 24, our firstborn made his debut. He weighed 8 lbs. 5 ounces, was 21 inches long and 4 weeks late. I had begun answering the telephone with “yes, I’m still here”, when he finally arrived.

Welcome to the world, baby boy! How much joy can one heart feel!

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  1. Sandy

    Awww this blog is so wonderful, what a wonderful life story you have going here. Your grandchildren will love it!
    You should have it printed up somehow.
    I loved the story about going to see Elvis and the sack lunch. How sweet.
    My parents and grandparents grew up in Tennesssee.

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