Memories are strange and funny things. Try to remember what you had for dinner three nights ago, and there’s only a vague recollection; but the memories from forty years ago are fresh and clear. I hope you enjoy a brief look at the first few years of our firstborn’s life. It really does seem like yesterday…

First, scroll to the bottom of the blog page and pause the playlist music…(just click the two vertical bars in a circle)…and then return and play the video.

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  1. Linda M.

    I had to stop by,as I sometimes do, after "stalking"the comments on The Pioneer Woman's blog, to tell you just how much I enjoyed yours!While our lives took very different paths,they also are so much the same.I ended up a single Mom, who "lied" my way into a Bar Tenders job, swearing I would finish school just as soon as I had the Boys settled in.I'm sure I don't have to tell you that day never came,I remained a Bar Tender/Manager for 30+ yrs. Now I find myself living with my oldest Son & on Disability. But your pictures & "movies" & all your feelings of the times are exactly the same. The colors are the same,the ideals are the same…..along with my love of the music you have playing, are all the same.I so enjoyed the trip down my minds memories,seeing so many of the things that were & are so dear to me too.So thanks for that nice way to wake up on this Mother's Day. And have the happiest of days today!

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