Our youngest child arrived ten years after his sister…a precious baby boy with strawberry blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. From day one, it seemed he was carried around in someone’s arms or had someone to entertain him…or someone he entertained. He never met a stranger. When he started talking, it was in paragraphs. He could carry on a conversation with anyone at an early age and still can. I understood his place in the birth order. I had been there myself…the youngest child with a large space between. It isn’t an easy place but he achieved it. That and so much more…quite well. I can’t believe he’s twenty-nine now…

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  1. Bovey Belle

    Thank you for visiting at my blog, and can I just say what a lovely photo montage of your son (and family) – I feel like I know you all now! That little boy has grown into a strapping young man . . . I feel your pride in him.

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