I couldn’t help but think about Mary, the mother of Jesus, this past week as I looked into the face of a beautiful, sleeping baby and held him in my arms.  Could you even imagine holding the Saviour in your arms?  Mary knew who He was.  The angel had appeared to her before conception and she knew this was, indeed, a virgin birth.  Did she think Jesus would grow up to be a carpenter…forever?  I truly wonder what she thought it meant for her baby son to be the Saviour of the world?  The long awaited Saviour.  The sacrificial Lamb of God.  Honestly, I don’t believe the mother of Jesus ever considered a cross for her baby

Easter is coming.  Whatever troubles us, confuses us, bewilders us or hurts us…Easter is coming.  There’s an answer…thank God.  What has always amazed me is that Almighty God came to us in the form of a helpless infant.  What incredible, perfect love.

Remember, however, He didn’t remain a baby.  Mary watched Jesus grow up…perfect and wise beyond his years.  Remember when they found him as an older child teaching in the temple?  You know the story.  It’s one of my favorites.

The destiny of Jesus was the cross…His choice.  Remember, He could have called twelve legions of angels…72,000 angels…to save Him, but He didn’t.  He died for you and me.  Jesus knew He would be resurrected.  He told his disciples just that.  Would you have believed that anyone would arise from the grave after three days?  Would I?  It’s because of this resurrection and the fact that Jesus is indeed alive that you and I have any hope at all, especially the hope of salvation.  Salvation which comes through repentance of our sins and belief in Him.  Read all about it in the incredible gospel of the book of John.  Go brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea, curl up in a chair by the window and read the wonderful book of John from the beginning to the very end.  You’ll be amazed all over again.

Easter is coming and Jesus is alive…



  1. Janet

    Thanks, Dianne, for sharing your thoughts about Easter. What a glorious God we serve! We could do nothing to save ourselves, so He did it all. Jesus, through His death and resurrection, provided the ONLY way we, as hopeless sinners, can be reconciled to a holy God. What unfathomable love!

  2. Dianne

    Thank you, Janet! Jesus paid it all indeed!

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